Coffee grower vision


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Social problem: 

The lack of access to health benefits in the rural area, is proved by long waiting times, bureaucratic procedures and poor quality of services received by Colombian farmers. In terms of health education and specialized treatments for visual disease, the attention gets even worse. Due to the working conditions of Colombian farmers (hard physical work and continuous exposure to sunlight), they are very likely to suffer from a visual illness, especially as they occur mainly in people older than 55 years and according to various studies, the rural Colombian population exceeds that average age, so the probability of suffering from some visual disease is very high. That is why the Bive Foundation in cooperation with the Pfizer Foundation and the Coffee Growers Cooperatives, developed the coffee grower vision project. 

General purpose: 

To simplify the early detection and timely treatment of the most common causes for preventable blindness (refractive errors, cataracts, Ptegion and glaucoma) for associates of the coffee farmers’ cooperatives and other productive sectors in  Caldas and Risaralda.

Objetivo de desarrollo sostenible: 

Through the “Visión Cafetera” – Coffee Vision project we prevent blindness, starting with the early diagnosis of visual diseases such as pterygium, cataracts, refractive errors and/or glaucoma.

How do we do it?: 
  • Detection and early diagnosis of the visual deterioration of Caldas coffee growers, through optometry days.
  • According to the results of the optometry consultation, we provided specialized ophthalmological treatments to the coffee growers that needed it.
  • We recover the vision of coffee farmers in two ways:
  • Preventive: We deliver basic lenses, which help us to prevent refractive errors that can cause blindness.
  • Corrective: We made it possible to carry out preventive surgeries for affected coffee farmers with cataract, pterygium and glaucoma.
  • We developed educational strategies for preventive eye health in order to promote healthy lifestyles that avoid future diseases, total loss of vision or damage to the procedures carried out.
  • We awarded 5.085 reviews of optometry, in which it was diagnosed whether the farmers needed formulated lenses or some ophthalmological intervention was necessary.
  • According to the results of the optometry consultations we delivered 3.927 lenses with formulation.
  • We carried out 595 ophthalmology consultations.
  • We operated 430 coffee farmers with problems of cataract, pterygium or glaucoma.
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