Protect yourself with Bive


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Social problem: 
  • Access to early diagnosis: 60% of cancer cases in Colombia are detected in advanced stages and more than 50% of the women with symptoms have to wait 3 months between their first appointment and their initial treatment.
  • Cervical Cancer: In Colombia, Cervical Cancer is the second leading cause of death, of the 4,462 cases detected on a yearly average, 1,861 women die. In 2019, 4,793 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer, taking into account that daily in Colombia 5 women die due to this disease.
  • Vaccination for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): In Colombia, the immunization for HPV is approved in the healthcare plan by the national health system for all girls 9 to 13 years old. Coverage of the HPV vaccination in 2014: 90%. HPV Vaccination rates in 2019: 20%. Which indicates that girls in this age group are not getting access to this benefit for preventing HPV
  • Safe Sex Practices: Safe sex practices are included as sexual and reproductive rights, according to the WHO. In the world more than a million people are infected with sexually transmitted infections daily, due to irresponsible and unsafe sexual practices.
General purpose: 

Facilitate the early detection of cervical cancer and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections for 2,500 women in rural Colombia.

Objetivo de desarrollo sostenible: 

Cervical cancer has an infectious origin, caused by the human papilloma virus, which can be prevented through the HPV vaccination and safe sexual practices. With the project Protégete con Bive, (PCB), “Protect yourself with Bive”, we propose to facilitate the early detection of cervical cancer and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections for 2,500 low-income women in Colombia through a mobile diagnostic unit for women over the age of 30, induced demand for HPV vaccination for girls 9-17 years old. Strengthening of the health system and construction of local capacities oriented to natural community leaders and health care professionals in rural areas.

How do we do it?: 

Through three components:

  1. Health Strategy: For this intervention women are divided into two groups: those over 30 to access screening, HPV testing and cytology for early detection of cervical cancer. Women between 9 and 17 years old with the HPV vaccination. Continuity of care for 100% of cases that require social orientation. Bive will follow-up with those women with altered test results and girls vaccinated to ensure the administration of the second dose.
  2. Educational Strategy: Family health education: the women participating in the project, including men, will receive prevention education for cervical cancer and safe sex practices. With the natural leaders, municipal social leaders, and partner institutions a large-scale educational campaign will be developed for preventative healthcare for female health.
  3. Construction of Capabilities: a training will be carried out with healthcare professionals about the early detection of cervical cancer. A network of social allies will be built to be trained in the prevention of cervical cancer and safe sex practices. Social accompaniment will be carried out with those women that have altered test results so that they can find the best route to continue their treatment through the general Colombian healthcare system with psychosocial support for them and their families.
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