BIVE tu ruta 13 - Live your 13 route


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Social problem: 

Cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of death in Colombia and the world

  • Cancer and cardiovascular diseases have risk factors in common, 67% of young people present cardiovascular risks; 7% smoking, 26% consume alcohol, 75% unhealthy nutrition – obesity; 74% sedentary lifestyle and few healthy lifestyles.
  • 80% of cardiovascular diseases could be prevented by modifications to these risk factors.

Sexual and reproductive health is a right,

  • According to the World Health Organization-2018, annually 16 million women around the world between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant and 1 million women under the age of 15 give birth.

15% of each 100 adolescents have problems and/or mental disorders which have been associated with the presence of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, school dropout, criminal behavior or other social problems.

General purpose: 

Develop capacities in 405 rural young people and their families to make healthier decisions in their lives and improve their health.

Objetivo de desarrollo sostenible: 

The “Bive tu ruta 13” – Live your 13 Route project is based on education of young people among peers, focusing on training for the prevention of chronic noncommunicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health and mental health; thus we contribute to the reduction of premature mortality, awareness about excessive consumption of alcohol and the use of psychoactive substances, in addition to providing training spaces in sexual education and family planning

How do we do it?: 
Bive tu ruta 13 (Live your route 13)  is a peer education program that develops the capacities of rural young people to make healthier life decisions. 
The Project trains rural students in grades 10 and 11 (ages 15-18) and teachers as community health leaders, developing their soft skills, leadership and facilitation tools and technical knowledge about the promotion of cardiovascular health (nutrition, physical activity, prevention of the consumption of tobacco products, alcohol and psychoactive substances, sexual and reproductive rights, and mental health), that will be shared with students in grades 6 and 9 (ages 11-15).
Bive tu ruta 13 leverages games as pedagogical tools and involves families in the process through “Reta tu salud (Challenge your Health)”, a strategy that promotes daily health challenges for the family via a game format, the challenges are based on an initial self-evaluation that the family fills out with information on their daily habits. Based on this evaluation students can share information with their families to help them make healthier decisions.
The Project contributes to the goal of the third Sustainable Development Goal, “Health and Well-being”, by facilitating equitable access to health education to promote healthy habits in young people and rural communities, preventing premature deaths related to chronic non-communicable diseases. 
  • 3 participating rural schools in the municipalities of: Chinchiná, Institución Educativa El Naranjal; Palestina, Institución Educativa Santagueda and Manizales, Institución Educativa José Antonio Galán.
  • 98 young leaders trained in soft skills, leadership, and healthy decision making through an integral health education methodology
  • 301 students evaluated for cardiovascular risk.
  • 68 teachers and administrative personnel trained in technical knowledge on cardiovascular and mental health
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