Bive Program


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Bive program  is a low-cost annual membership that allows families to have access particular health services efficiently, as follows:

  • Requesting an appointment directly with a specialist requires less than a week,
  • Bive subscribers are guaranteed  discounts between 20 and 70% for requested medical treatments.
  • The prices of the services are adapted to our users’ capacity to pay
  • A timely diagnosis can save a life!
  • Access to a network of more than 290 medical specialists and institutions providing health services in the areas of General Medicine, specialist medicine, doctor at home, diagnostic services, oral health and support services.
  • Avoid the long waits and bureaucracy of EPS
  • Guarantee the welfare of your entire family
  • Take care of your finances at the same time that take care of your health
  • Bive is for everyone - we do not discriminate based on age, socioeconomic status, or health condition.

"Access to early diagnosis and medical treatment ensures healthier and happier lives for low-income communities."

How does it work?: 
How to be a Bive user: 
Programa bive

Frequent questions

If the doctor in the clinic sends me diagnostic tests and / or medications, what do I do?

Bive has discounts between 60% and 20% in diagnostic tests (Clinical Laboratory, ultrasound, X-rays) and 10% in generic drugs, then you can access the exam or medication with a lower price with our doctors and health institutions.

If the exam or medication is of high complexity and cost, or is not included in the services of Bive, we orient you through the friend Bive Line in the processes and legal tools to request that service through your EPS.

Does the Bive family plan cover emergency services?

Bive does not have VITAL EMERGENCY care services, that is, those that compromise the lives of people.

But through Bive you can access a PRIORITY CONSULTATION service, a general medical care, faster than by your EPS and within the same day of your request addressed to health problems that we consider urgent but that through the EPS do not they attend for emergencies, but we must ask for a priority appointment that takes 3 or 4 days as a gastroenteritis, a respiratory infection or a migraine, and that being in emergencies through the EPS would take between 3 and 4 hours for their attention.

To go to the specialist through Bive, should I go to the general practitioner first?

No, through Bive you can directly make the appointment with the specialist doctor you need.

Who assures me that they will give me discounts and Bive times?

We are a serious entity and legally constituted in Chamber of Commerce and registered in the DIAN. (Bive has been in the market for more than two years and has a community with more than 10,000 users).

You can check with any of our providers the rate of services, in case you have any difficulty in the time they give you the appointment, or what they charge you for the appointment, you can call us at the friend Bive Line

How much do I pay monthly?

The Bive plan is ANNUAL, that is, you pay once a year to include all your family group. The value of the plan has facilities for payment on credit. Consult with a commercial advisor

Which family members can access the service?
  • Any type of family member, living or not with you for example: Uncles, Grandmother, wife, children
  • We have no age limits and we have pediatric and geriatric services, since children and the elderly are our highest priority.
  • There are no medical pre-existing conditions (Previous illnesses)
How many people can I link to the plan?

You can link up to 5 people, including you

My family already has EPS Why access BIVE?

Despite having EPS, Colombians have difficulties in accessing health services. Examples of this are the long waiting times (between 2 and 6 months for a specialist doctor) and the number of administrative processes and authorizations that we must do. On the other hand, prepaid medicines and health policies are very expensive.

Bive is your solution. An alternative for you to access private health services of high quality at a price commensurate with your ability to pay.

Can I enter Bive if I do not have EPS?

Yes, it is not required to have EPS to access Bive's services. Similarly, Bive does not replace EPS, it is another alternative to access health services. In case your medical appointment is delayed by EPS or you want to access faster a higher quality service or a second professional opinion, you can use Bive!

My family already has EPS or SISBEN. Can I access BIVE?

Yes, Bive does not have any interference with your EPS or Sisben, so you can have the Bive plan and continue using your EPS. Bive does not replace EPS, it is another alternative to access health services.

In case your medical appointment is delayed by EPS or you want to access faster a higher quality service or a second professional opinion, you can use Bive!