Processing of personal data


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Processing of Personal Data

Notice of Privacy and Authorization for the Processing of Personal Data from Web Forms

By means of this, I hereby expressly and unequivocally authorize the Fundacion Vive con Bienestar, NIT 900819453-4, as the Person in Charge of Processing Personal Data, so that directly or through a third party, I can collect, store, circulate, use, delete, or make any type of processing to my Personal Data, in accordance with the general purposes of all the Interest Groups contained in the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, which you declare to know and understand, and as such is and integral part of this authorization, and is always available for consultation through the website; and especially, for the specific purposes for Users and Beneficiaries, and their families:

  • Promote and encourage wellbeing and health, by facilitating access to health services and programs, projects and activities that, in general, benefit the Holders.
  • Orientation and access to the network of providers of health services, education, social and legal orientation, accomodation, among others; and monitor, control and evaluate the services provided.
  • Acquisition, delivery, payments, renewal and cancellation of memberships and affiliations.
  • Registration, programming, change, monitoring and cancellation of appointments with service providers.
  • Design, application, execution, evaluation and generation of impact reports on projects, programs and activities of the Responsible, Managers and/or their strategic allies, such as, but not limited to: field activities, technological applications, surveys, interviews, events, trainings, workshops, conferences and forums; as well as the preservation of documentary records of the same, such as attendance lists, photographs, voice recordings and/or videos.
  • Development of research projects and scientific and academic publications related to the social objective of the Responsible, in order to improve the services for the Owners and generate knowledge and welfare for the general population.
  • Contact and sending communications related to the purposes contained in this Privacy Policy, the core purpose of the Responsible for Processing or strategic allies; development of projects; advertising, marketing, promotions, events, marketing and promotion of products and/or services; loyalty campaigns; bonuses, alliances and benefits through the professional, business and/or personal contact data of the Holders, including, but not limited to the landline and/or mobile phone, physical and/or electronic mail, SMS text messages and / or MMS, social networks, instant messaging applications, electronic media and/ or any other means of communication; either of the same Responsible or Managers of Processing.
  • Register and publish the personal image and / or voice for the security purposes, income monitoring, marketing, reporting, dissemination of results and impact, promotion of products and / or services related to the corporate purpose of the Processing Manager, providers of services and / or its strategic allies.
  • Compliance with legal and contractual obligations with our strategic allies, service providers, contractors and public entities.
  • Reception and response to messages, communications in general, inquiries and complaints regarding personal data protection, through physical attention points, mobile applications, web, messenger services of the Responsible or through its Managers and / or strategic allies.
  • Transmit and transfer personal data to strategic allies, contributors, institutional clients, project collaborators, public entities, contractors and suppliers or any other person when necessary for the Responsible to develop its corporate purpose, or when it is in the interest of the Owner.

Likewise, you declare that the personal data is accurate, true and complete and that you are the Owner of the data supplied or that you have the Authorization of those persons from whom you provide information to the Responsible Party. In that sense, you shall be held untouched by the Responsible for Processing of any liability that arises or derives from the breach of the obligation contained in this paragraph

You declare that you were informed of the power you have to authorize the processing of sensitive data, understood as those that affect the privacy of the Owner or whose undue use could generate discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, membership in trade unions, social organizations, human rights or that promotes the interests of any political party or that guarantees the rights and guarantees of political opposition parties as well as data related to health, sexual life, biometric data (fingerprint, iris of the eye, voice, way of walking, palm of the hand or facial features, among others) and any personal data of children and/or adolescents.

Finally, you declare that you know that, in case of requesting additional information, you can communicate with the Processing Manager through email at or directly at Calle 48 No 26-36 Piso 1, Manizales, Caldas.