About us

Bive is a  social business, that facilitates and improves access to fast, high quality, and affordable health care.

We want to transform the way health services are oriented for low-income and vulnerable populations in Colombia.

Our purpose: 

"we can all enjoy the highest level of health possible, regardless of our income level"

We are committed to our mission of improving access to healthcare in Colombia. We provide high quality healthcare to 19,000 Colombians. Additionally, Bive operates free social projects in health for hundreds of rural families in Colombia’s coffee region, where the largest gap in the national health system is evident

inspired by the business philosophy of the Nobel peace prize Prof. M. Yunus and the experience of the argentinian social entrepreneur Dr. Jorge Gronda through the Ser system (Ahora Humana) Diana Quintero and Jorge García founded Bive in 2012, seeking to develop an alternative to solve the health problem in Colombia from a sustainable approach.

Diana and Jorge met at the University through entrepreneurship and leadership groups. Diana, business administrator and passionate about social work, found in social business, how to apply the tools of the business area to the purpose of contributing to a more equitable society, developing social initiatives sustainable economically and over time, to ensure services of the best quality for those who need it most; For his part Jorge, found in Bive, the way to solve the problems confronted by doctors in the health sector ; experienced in his practice as a medical student.

In this way, after participating in a health innovation workshop led by Dr. Jorge Gronda, Diana and Jorge proposed him to develop a pilot of his initiative (Fundación Ser - Argentina) in Colombia, and together with Felipe Tibocha, consultant In social business, in 2011 they started a small-scale BIVE model in the municipality of Villamaria Caldas, allying themselves with a local medical center and launched a first prototype "Sistema Bienestar - Welfare System".

This experience was raised in a business model, which they presented in an international social business contest "Artemisa" of which they were winners and obtained a first seed capital, which allowed them to grow the pilot and develop a base market study to move from a business idea to a company and consolidate Bive in 2012 with the financial support of the social business investment fund Yunus Social Business Colombia and Ecopetrol.

In 2015 they created the Vive con Bienestar Foundation, with the aim of deepening the social impact of BIVE through the development of social projects in health; the first of them was Healthy Smiles through partnership with in the Swiss Philanthropy Fund LGT Impact Ventures.

 Subsequently, the projects continued to focus on strengthening work with rural communities, thus developing Coffee Smiles and Vision Coffee, which are directed at the coffee grower community of Caldas and Risaralda region. At the present time, coffee growers represent 90% of BIVE users, thanks to alliances with agricultural associations and cooperatives of coffee farmers in the region.  

During these years of social work, collaborators, volunteers, health providers, allies and support organizations have joined the fundamental purpose of BIVE that "We can all enjoy the highest level of health possible regardless of our income level."BIVE and its founders appreciate deeply the energy, heart, confidence and effort of all the people who have contributed to the growth of the organization.


By 2020, Bive will be positioned at the national level as one of the best alternatives for accessing to health care services in Colombia.


We are a company with a social sense which seeks to FACILITATE all the users the ACCESS to HEALTH services of the highest level in terms of QUALITY, EFFICIENCY and COST

Why we do it?: 

95% of Colombians have health coverage through EPS or sisben, however, barriers to access and low quality of services persist, for example:

  • Long waiting times - The inefficient administrative processes.
  • The trip to urban centers for the use of health services, since the specialized services are not found in the municipality or in the village of origin.
  • Low quality of care due to the high volume of patients.

The above generates the worsening of preventable diseases, disability and even death.


  • Colombians on average take between 2 and 6 months to access a diagnosis of general practitioner or specialist.
  • 29% have problems to authorize exams
  • A high percentage of Colombians can not access specialized medical services due to the high cost they must pay for a particular appointment.
  • The topics wich interpose more protective actions in Colombia are: Medical Treatments, medications, medical appointments and surgeries.
How do we do it?: 

With the purpose that we can all enjoy the highest level of health possible, since 2015, Bive - Fundación Vive con Bienestar- generates solutions to the problem of access to health services in Colombia, through two programs   The Bive Plan and Social Projects in Health.

Bive Plan:  Social Projects in Health
Low-cost annual membership, which allows families to access particular health services; through this plan We generate a network of private providers that stand out for providing services with: High quality specialists and centers that have joined our social work, and that benefit our users with a service, faster: the appointment of special doctors is ready in no more than a week and with special rates (up to 60% discount) over the normal market price. Close work with a vulnerable population, especially in the country, has allowed us to understand their needs, for which we design, manage and operate social projects in health oriented to education, promotion and prevention of health, and early detection and intervention of diseases. For the development of the projects, we manage resources with national and international volunteers, which our beneficiaries allow to access for free the programs we offer through the projects. - So far, we have successfully executed 3 projects with international cooperators and alliances with the cooperatives of coffee farmers in Caldas and Risaralda. - Healthy smiles - Coffee grower smiles -Coffee grower vision
Through the Bive program, our users have a social orientation service, besides we program their medical appointments, we track their cases, we also advise them on the solution of problems and legal processes with the EPS or the health system subsidized



Jorge García

Doctor, specialist in high management and student of the Ms. Science Health Policy, Planning and Financing, London School of Hygiene ad Tropical Medicine / London School of Economics, with academic experience and practice in structuring and directing public health projects, companies and health research.

Diana Quintero

Business Administrator, specialist in corporate finance, with experience in national and international cooperation, formulation of social projects and business management. Diana has worked as a volunteer for various organizations that promote the social business philosophy of the Nobel Peace Prize Prof. M. Yunus and as a consultant in the development of sustainable business models for NGOs. Likewise, it has facilitated national and international events in social entrepreneurship and innovation in health.


Clarivel Guevara Castaño
Coordinator in Health
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Laura Vanessa Bedoya Cataño
Service Assistent
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Mildred Johanna Ortegón
Project manager
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Monica Cristina Rojas
Service coordinator
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Yeiny Paola Triana 
Project coordinator
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Advisory Board

Karen Torres Narváez

Administradora de Empresas de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Magister en Diseño Gestión y Dirección de proyectos, coach ontológica, especialista en Gerencia de Mercadeo. Con más de 18 años de trayectoria profesional

Emilio Antonio Restrepo Aguirre

Business Consultant, more than 30 years of experience

Isabel Cristina Calvo

Economist, more than 15 years of experience in international cooperation and social business.